dough it yourself

The DIY Kit includes everything you need to whip up a fresh batch of all natural dough for playing.  We use only the finest ingredients (non-gmo, plant-based, chemical-free) and pre-measure everything for your convenience.

  • No previous cooking experience required.
  • Requires water
  • Requires use of stove
  • Adult supervision is required for use of stove

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Choose 3 separate colors

What’s inside the box:
1 Recipe Card
1 non-gmo flour packet
1 sea salt packet
1 cream of tartar packet
1 mini oil bottle
3 plant based color packs
1 ready-made mini dough jar for impatient mini chefs
1 Rolling Pin
3 empty, labeled jars for storing your dough
What you’ll need from home:
Not-stick pot
Stove Top
Mixing Bowl
Mixing Spoon/whisk
3/4 Cup Water