Tips to Dough It Yourself

At The Dough Project, we’re all about the process—especially when that process leads to fresh homemade dough that invites hours and hours of fun for the whole family. 

There are many benefits of playdough including developing fine motor skills, imagination, conversation and growth across developmental domains and much more.

When we set out to package up the DIY experience, we thought a lot—we thought about the recipe, the ingredients, the packaging. The end result? Only the best all-natural ingredients and the easiest step-by-step instructions packed into one little compostable bag tucked away in a recyclable box.

Tips on How to Playdough

Before you whip up a fresh batch of dough as easily as you would a stack of pancakes, here are some pro tips:

  1. Include your children in every step of the process. We designed the DIY recipe so that a toddler could easily do it alongside you.  And if you accidentally put in a little too much water, that’s okay! Your dough will still come out great.
  2. If your pancake flips aren’t working out, pretend you’re making eggs and scramble up that dough in the skillet instead. The dough will all be smushed together eventually, so it’s all good as long as the dough is cooked through.
  3. Have your little sous chefs help with clean up. Pass them a towel to wipe down their work space. Cleaning up helps them take ownership of the process and develops a sense of responsibility. Bonus: It’s so satisfying to watch the colored batter drain from the bowl under running water. The littles will love seeing it!
  4. Snap some pics! Documenting experience is a powerful tool for learning and making connections. The next time you play with your homemade dough, show the little ones the photos to remind them of when you created it together to inspire conversation.

Let us know how your dough stacks up! 

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