The Great Holiday Dough Bake Off

One of our favorite parts about the holidays is all the baking! From cookies with vibrant frosting to ones dusted with sprinkles, we love it all. So while you’re busy whipping up the real batch of cookies, set up this play provocation for the littles so they can “bake” and decorate alongside you.

Tips to Bake Dough Cookies

  1. Set out some fresh jars of playdough. Our favorites to use for this are the holiday gift sets that come in festive packs of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa colors!
  2. Grab your mini rolling pin, kid-safe cookie cutters and lay them out with any loose materials you find around the house (think: buttons, pom poms, pipe cleaners, beads, confetti, etc.). *Pro tip: Use the jar lid to make perfect circle cookie shapes
  3. Challenge the littles to make the best, most festive holiday cookie they could dream up! And if they end up, just sticking the loose materials into a ball of dough or creating an entire imaginary dough land, that’s fine too—the best play happens when you let them lead the way.

Tag @the_dough_project in your creations for a chance to win a holiday gift set!

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