The Brain-Building Box: In Collaboration with Cerebelly

Genetics, nutrition and environment: the three pillars that influence a child's brain development. While genetics can't be controlled, we can aim to give all children the best start possible with the right nutrients and an environment that supports playful learning. The brain doubles in size by the age of 1 and is nearly 80% by the age of 3. These are the very same brain cells you have for the rest of your life – mind-blowing, right?

The Brain-Building Box merges the brain-boosting nutrition from Cerebelly with the playful imaginative learning from The Dough Project to create an educational, fun and interactive experience for little ones and their caregivers. 


How Dough + Nutrition Support Development: 

Playdough is open-ended, kid-powered play that supports children's growth across developmental domains. With materials like dough, little ones begin to make sense of the world around them, building the essential life skills they need. As those busy minds are working through imaginative play, they require essential nutrients that support all that brain activity and development happening – that's where Cerebelly comes in. Better brain nutrition starts with veggie-first, organic ingredients, 0g added sugar and 16 critical nutrients to activate learning and creativity.

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