Super Bowl Nachos (for playing)

While you chow down on nachos, oops I mean, while you watch the game this Sunday, set your kiddos up with this game-day inspired invitation to play.  

What you’ll need: 


Rolling pin


Plastic knife

Cheese Grater

Large Plate

Some loose parts

Step 1: Chips!

Roll out the playdough so it’s nice and thin and flat. 

Use your butter knife to cut triangle shapes (or use a cookie cutter if you have). 

Arrange the triangles on a plate - these will be your chips! 

Step 2: Extra Guac!

Use your green dough and add some loose parts or confetti.  Mash it all together with your fingers to create a chunky guac with lots of extras.

Step 3: Load em with Toppings!

This is our favorite part 😍  Using loose parts, or more dough, sprinkle toppings on your nachos.  Use a cheese grater (safely) with natural dough to create the cheese, and Voila!

Happy playing!  Tag us in your nachos @the_dough_project!
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