Super Bowl Nachos With Play Dough

While you chow down on nachos, oops I mean, while you watch the game this Sunday, set your kiddos up with this game-day inspired invitation to play.  

What We Need For this Game?

  1. Dough
  2. Rolling pin
  3. Tray
  4. Plastic knife
  5. Cheese Grater
  6. Large Plate
  7. Some loose parts

Step 1: Chips!

Roll out the playdough so it’s nice and thin and flat. 

Use your butter knife to cut triangle shapes (or use a cookie cutter if you have). 

Arrange the triangles on a plate - these will be your chips! 

Step 2: Extra Guac!

Use your green dough and add some loose parts or confetti.  Mash it all together with your fingers to create a chunky guac with lots of extras.

Step 3: Load em with Toppings!

This is our favorite part 😍  Using loose parts, or more dough, sprinkle toppings on your nachos.  Use a cheese grater (safely) with natural dough to create the cheese, and Voila!

Happy playing!  Tag us in your nachos @the_dough_project!
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