Sea Shell Print Making

The Beach Project is filled with loose parts and awesome beach themed gems for unlimited beachy fun.  One of our favorite ways to play with dough, especially when utilizing natural materials is print making.  Here's how to easily discover the joy and magic of prints with the Beach Project. 

1. Roll out your dough so it's nice and flat on a tray or table. You can use your rolling pin, or a dough jar to make the dough into a smooth surface.

2. Pull out your jar of sea shells and make observations with your littles. ie: "I notice lines and bumps."  "This one has a spiral shape." "This shell is larger than this shell." 

3. Press the first sea shell firmly into the dough (without pushing too hard to make a hole.) Lift it up and notice the designs of the shell transferred into the dough! 

4. Repeat with otheer shells and compare! 

Don't forget to show us how you dough it and tag us in your play @the_dough_project!


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