Screen Time Break: Scavenger Hunt

We know staring at a computer screen all day is hard—like, really hard. And for a little one doing virtual learning, it’s nearly impossible. With that in mind, we’ll be sharing easy tips to not only make it work, but to also make it really fun! Keep your eyes peeled for more screen time break ideas.

How to Organize a Scavenger Hunt with Playdough

For days when your kids need to get up and get moving, scavenger hunts are a great option.  Provide a challenge that sets clear expectations, “Look around for things we can play with that are the same color as this dough!” 

You can prep ahead and place a few items in plain sight in your chosen color, like markers, straws and buttons, play dough rolling pin.  Once collected, bring the objects to your work area for some creative play. 

Try these prompts to get your little ones going: 

1. I wonder which objects will stand up in the dough? 

2. What marks can we make in the dough with these "tools"? 

3. Let's see if we can create a silly sculpture using everything we found. 

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