Playdough Matzah for Passover

Prep for the big afikomen search with dough matzah!

Here’s How to Make a Playdough Matzah

  1. Open a jar of natural colored dough (or any color, really). 
  2. Roll your dough flat (you can use your jar) and use a small knife to cut 4 edges that make a square shape.
  3. Using different tools and loose parts (like straws, keys, forks) make holes and marks in the dough - like the bumps and bubbles in real matzah. 
  4. Wrap your dough matzah in a small fabric or cloth, and hide it around your home with your little one to go on an afk-dough-men hunt!

Chag Sameah!

Tag #thedoughproject in your creations!

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