Plant a Playdough Garden

Earlier this month, we teamed up with some friends at Rose & Rex and Amber Waves Farm to host a garden party, and Oh My Goodness, what a special day it was.  Utilizing the tools and materials from our Garden Project, mixed with fresh flowers from the farm, we created the perfect planting provocation-  

Inspired? Play how we played! This activity can be recreated all throughout the year, even when outdoor summer days are a distant memory. 

Scoop a Garden Project from us! 

1. Pick some fresh flowers or grab some cheap ones from your local deli (Insider tip: tell the bodega you're using them for your kids to play with, and request day old stems! You just might get lucky with a donation- or at the very least a solid discount 😉) 

2. Trim the flowers so the stems are no more than 3-4 inches long.  This makes it easier for them to stand up in the dough.

3. Display materials in an "aesthetic way." Place the flowers in small jars, or lay them out on a tray next to playdough jars, planters & shovels. 

4. Let your littles create! 

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