Indoor Play: Tic Tac Dough!

Indoor Play Idea #2: Make a Dough Game! 

This is such a fun game to play with slightly older children who can not only shape the letters, but can also take turns and follow the rules of the game. You can include younger children in the play by giving them their own white board or try and their own dough to play side by side. 

Step 1. 

On a white board, draw a tic tac toe board (large hashtag shape #)

Step 2. 

Roll the dough into small snakes and cut them into small 2-4 inch worms.  Use the worms to shape x's and o's. 

*Tip. You can also get creative and play with other shapes (dough balls in different colors, hearts, stars, etc.) 

Step 3. 

Take turns placing your pieces on the board until someone scores 3 in a row! 

Happy playing! 

As always, show us how you dough it! Tag @the_dough_project in your playing pics! 

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