Hanukkah Sufganiyot (for playing!)

To celebrate the Hanukkah miracle of a little bit of oil lasting for 8 whole nights, we eat lots of oil-fried food! Potato latkes and doughnuts (aka sufganiyot) are our favorites. 

How to Create Potato Latkes and Doughnuts

  1. Set up some fresh dough, along with some fun toppings like sprinkles.
  2. Roll the dough to make a thin, snake shape. Then, connect the sides to form a ring. 
  3. To add icing, you can mix orange dough and purple dough from playdough 3 pack together to make chocolate (brown) icing. 
  4. Add your toppings! Top off your (play)doughnuts with your icing and sprinkles.
  5. More of a munchkin fan? Roll dough into a ball, and pour some sprinkles on a surface to roll your dough ball around in.

If you’ll be frying up some real doughnuts for the holiday, it can be fun to add a small pot or pan to your little’s play set up.

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