Fork It: How Many Ways Can You Play With a Fork?

Stuck inside? Us too. Need some play inspo? You’ve come to the right place. Try this super easy activity to keep the littles busy inside so you can stay warm and cozy (and sane!).

How Many Ways Can You Play With a Fork?

All you need for this insanely easy invitation to play is 1 jar of playdough and a few forks. 

  1. Display the materials on a clean, surface or tray and ask them, “What can we create with a fork?” 
  2. Then, wait. Remember, when the littles are given open-ended materials and the time and space to create, children will instinctively start to play and create.

Something parents always ask us is, “what do I do/say while they’re playing?”

While they’re playing and exploring, you can use language prompts to get them started or keep them going. Use descriptive language and expand on your little’s observations and movements with these prompts:

“I wonder what kind of marks we can make…”

 “I notice 4 prongs on my fork.  How many does yours have?” Count them. Then say, “I’m going to stick all 4 in the dough.”

“I notice that when you use your fork as a stamp, it makes a design. I wonder if we can create a pattern.”

Happy playing! Tag @the_dough_project in your fork designs, or shoot us a DM if you have any questions while you’re playing.

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